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Author:  Kunari [ June 1st, 2007, 5:49 am ]
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Author:  Hakuri [ June 1st, 2007, 10:26 pm ]
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((Now before we get into trouble... >.>)))

"So, you are finally awake I see." the figure chuckles. Hakuri blinks a few times and the figure comes a bit more into focus. Not lifting her gaze from the stranger Hakuri occasionally jerks at a wrist or an ankle rope. The rope was coarse and the knots were strong. The figure scoffs and turns away apparently working on something. Hakuri clenches her teeth but stops struggling for a moment. The lighting in the room is bright so even though the figure is in focus Hakuri only sees a large shadow. Somthing in her tells her not to speak, perhaps fear. Hakuri jerks her wrists and ankles together but the robe didn't budge. The figure turns to face the girl but she now lay limp looking up at the figure with a squint/glare. Hakuri's left wrist feels wet, was something dripping on it? The figure tsks and walks over, closer to the wrist. She feels a large finger rub over her wrist near the rope and winces. Hakuri realizes that the robe must have broken her skin. The figure thinks for a few seconds, turns, takes a pinch of something off the table and then with it's hand close to the wrist sprinkles something onto the cut. Hakuri cringes and can feel the beast smile. The figure turne back to whatever it had been doing and in a hoarse whisper spoke almost cheerfully, "Are you finished?". Hakuri growled softly though her gritted teeth, less than a second later her head is facing left and her right cheek stings. The figure must have heard her.

Author:  Kunari [ June 1st, 2007, 10:36 pm ]
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Glancing around her, watching the upper part of the trees and the ground she begins to feel that someone was watching her, she decided it was time to move, she decided the safest place to be was the arena, atleast she wouldn't get killed there...she start to shunpo in an attempt to get to the arena before she got attacked, she knew if she got attacked she would probably get killed, it was something about the stranger's scent that told her this...

Author:  Hakuri [ August 5th, 2007, 5:53 am ]
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Hakuri was steaming, whatever this beast was it was not there to help, that was certain. The cuts were searing, screaming into her head. Hakuri began to sweat from her battle to not scream out. 'What the hell did that monster do!?!?!' she thinks to herself. About 15 seconds later (which can feel like a very long time) the light was placed directly over Hakuri's head, even with her head turned it was impossible to see, and unberable to try. Now the feeling of being afraid began to overtake her mind, surrpressed by the pain now both were fusing into more fear. The substance was also wearing off and the pain was lessening but this was not something Hakuri noticed. Suddenly there was something cold and wet on her neck, she flinched but was too scared to do anything. the figure chuckled but this time is curdled her blood. She shivered, sweat began to seep into her wounds, and she was almost ready to risk worse by screaming for help.
A hot, sticky hand gentally touched Hakuri's left ankle about a cm above the robe. The gentalness surprized her but that thought soon left her mind as she felt whatever it was against her neck tighten. It might not have tighened and was just a trick from her own mind, but she felt it wether or not it hindered her breathing. She felt something poke her, something sharp, between the beast's fingers. The hairs on her arms and neck prickled. She felt a new, odd, feeling in her leg, it spread from that spot to both her foot and up her leg. It tingled but was relaxing. It reached the top of her other leg and traveled down it while also climbing up her torso and chest, through her neck and her head until all her muscled relaxed. She no longer feared, she no longer worried, she no longer cared. Her eyes fluttered to a light close as her face relaxed into a small smile. She no longer was in full control of her body but she didn't notice, this feeling of peace, of warmth, this relaxed state was all she thought of, she never wanted it to leave her.
Somewhere along the line both the object and the hand must have left her leg, she now felt a soft breath on her ear. Her mind was starting to skip and blur but she must have not noticed. The breath on her ear spoke "Too bad you wouldn't scream, I love it when they scream. If you must be repulsed my my touch the least you could do is scream for me." The voice was soft. Something clicked in Hakuri's mind, she realized that this happiness was created by this being. If this being wanted her to scream then if she were to scream this warmth might never vanish. In her dazed state she tried but no sound came out. Her body didn't move but her head somehow thought she had screamed.

Author:  sesshimy [ January 7th, 2011, 11:46 pm ]
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hi......I'm sesshimy. -.-"

Author:  sesshimy [ January 8th, 2011, 12:13 am ]
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inuyasha has been my fav anime 4ever !!!! :D i love anime but i don't know alot of anime TT_TT
Lord Sesshomaru is my fav InuYasha male charecter so people DO NOT disrespect the fluff lord !!!

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