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 Post subject: Announce: Update: What I am doing and what comes next!
PostPosted: May 30th, 2015, 5:48 pm 
This was a gnote posted on the Announce gboard on port 1801. It was addressed to all and expires on Wed Jul 29 18:43:51 2015

Some of you may be wondering where the updates have gone! Well, have no
fear. I`ve not forgotten about the MUD, at all! I`ve been getting
everything compiled into notes, pen and paper. And preparing a good bit of
information beforehand to take into the game itself. It goes without
saying that the area revamps are still on the top of my list. I want to
touch up on most of the currently installed areas and make it so that NPCs,
Objects and the overall economy of the game is in ideal shape.

However, the other thing I have in mind is adjusting the rarity of many
items across the game. The ultimate goal in mind is to make it so that
Trash items are plentiful (to sell), Common items are easily accessible,
Uncommon items require some work to acquire, Rare items are in fact rare,
Epic items are time consuming to acquire and to make Legendary items
feel... Legendary!

As it stands right now, many items that are otherwise very easy to acquire
are uncommon, rare or even epic. And this to me takes away from the value
of said items. So most items will either have their flags adjusted to
reflect on how rare they actually are, or they will have their acquisition
process and drop values changed to reflect on their actual rarity.

As I said before, I want to also continue on providing our current zones
the amount of detail they deserve so that they are matching our recent
updates and feel fully functional. Adjusting rarity now is an ideal time
considering I am already going through said areas making changes. Anyhow!
That`s all for now. Look forward to more soon!


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