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 Post subject: Announce: What`s to come: Objects, Yen/Economy and NPCs and more!
PostPosted: May 18th, 2014, 10:29 am 
This was a gnote posted on the Announce gboard on port 1801. It was addressed to all and expires on Thu Jul 17 11:10:12 2014

Hey all!

I`ve been looking into a lot of matters concerning the MUD. And I find
that there are some things (obviously) that still need a lot of work. So
in the coming weeks I will be making changes periodically as far as the
game environment goes to hopefully mend some of the problems currently
found in-game.

First, I would like to start talking about objects (weapons, armor, etc):

I am relatively happy with where weapons are now. However, I feel like the
damage range of weapons and the stats allocated in them are too, um,
predictable. The damage range is very consistent in battles (IE: hitting
for 1500 damage every single hit), and the stats found in most items are,
like I said before, too predictable.

To mend this, I intend to change most base item values (once again), to be
a little more "unpredictable". In example, with weapons, damage minimum
and maximum ranges will be more broad. Furthermore, I intend to change how
attribute (health, chi/jakai, stamina) bonuses are applied to items,
instead of being side-by-side with raw stats (Vigor, Agility, Endurace,
etc). IE: You won`t see 10 points of Health for every Endurance point
found in equipment any longer.

I also plan on working on a series of NPCs that may change the properties
of your items. For example:

"Secoiya owns an assassin`s dagger, but he would like to, somehow, increase
the minimum damage range that it can deal. So he gathers X amount of very
specific items and with a generous amount of Yen at hand he can change his
assassin`s blade minimum damage permanently."

I would like to share more on this. However, that will have to wait.

Now I would like to talk about Yen and the game`s Economy:

The value of Yen translated in the MUD is far from reality. Sometimes, you
can buy a katana for 5, 000 Yen. Which is roughly 50 American dollars in
real life. Other times, you can buy leather bracers that are 250 yen,
which was 2.50 American dollars in real life. I don`t know about you, but
a good quality leather bracer will never cost 2.50 dollars. Ever. I do
want the game to be kept as an actual game. But converting these values to
being more realistic will help us significantly with the restoration of Yen
value in the game. (It would be easier if we ran on a fantasy-based
currency, but we don`t.)

After values are adjusted, I am going to change how Yen is acquired and the
frequency it is acquired. A lot of the NPCs you find in feudal will no
longer yield Yen. But instead will yield items you can sell for Yen.
Slightly tedious, but it helps with balance. And it gives the modern era
more utility when it comes to acquiring Yen.

Once Yen distribution is taken care of, shops will be changed. The details
of the extent of the shop changes will wait for another time, however.

This has turned to quite the Gnote Announcement! So I will cut myself off
here. I pray some of these announced changes please most of you. Remember
that if you have any ideas or suggestions about any of this or any other
thing, you can let us know in the Feedback section of our forums.


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