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 Post subject: Announce: Rarity Hierarchy
PostPosted: May 27th, 2014, 7:13 pm 
This was a gnote posted on the Announce gboard on port 1801. It was addressed to all and expires on Sat Jul 26 20:03:34 2014

Along with my many works in the progress, Rarity Hierarchy is one of the
many things I have had in mind that I will now begin to implement gradually
across the entire game. Zeno and I have discussed how to carry this out to
some extent, however, we could not decide on one viable option. Until I
offered the simplest solution-- Simply add a tag to a short description!
But before I get into that... Allow me to explain what Rarity Hierarchy

Have you ever played an MMO and noticed that items are different colors?
Representing the rarity of the item depending on the color its name is? In
essense, that is what we`re looking to do. However, that is not so easily
accomplished in a MUD. Especially when we aim to cater to visually
impaired players. Color blindness, or blindness in general, can lead to
not being able to recognizing the different item rarities. Even client
differences can affect this!

So how will it work? In essence, it will be determined by the builders
what the rarity of an item is and simply add a flag like this one:


... Before the item`s short description. Whether these are to be colored
or not is still undetermined. But the tags themselves will be visible to
all at all times.

So why the change? I personally feel, even in all of my years here, that
sometimes determining an item`s rarity can be a challenge. Especially if
you are still fresh to the MUD. Sometimes newer players can be cheated out
of hard-to-come by items, but with this, that won`t happen as often.

A simple solution for a few problems and indeed a nice little cosmetic
feature to add more flavor to our items, I feel. What are your thoughts?
Feel free to contact me via gnotes or the forums and let me know!


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